Around Our Area – Who We Are

With this blog, I have combined two blogs. I plan to share some interesting items about Indiana local history, and also details about local events, car shows, festivals and parades. I am based in Montgomery County, to the West of Indianapolis, in Indiana.

My interest in local history, was sparked by research being done for Waymarks, to be posted on

In particular, upon finding old photographic postcards, of local scenes from about 100 years ago, and realizing, that I knew where they were taken, and what was there today. Hence the Then and Now pictures.

I am originally from Great Britain, moving here, to Indiana, in 2005, so most of this local history is new to me. As I find things of interest, I will share them with you. A real voyage of discovery …

Our Area – Where we are

Our area is in west central Indiana, between Indianapolis, to the east, and the Indiana – Illinois State line, to the west.

As far north as Jasper, Newton and White Counties, and as far south as Clay, Putnam and Vigo, Counties.

This area is loosely centered on Montgomery County, where we live.

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2 thoughts on “Around Our Area – Who We Are

  1. Colin – you posted a picture of a 1975 Buick LeSabre pace car from an Elks Lodge car show in October 2011. I also have one of those cars and would be interested in reaching the owner of that car. Do you have any idea how I might find him?
    John Jameson


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