Then and Now – the Alamo Christian Church in Alamo, Indiana

I came across an old photograph, on the Indiana Gen Web genealogy website, whilst researching the the old Alamo Christian Church, in Alamo, Indiana.

I figured this, with the current photo, would make a good Then and Now waymark.

The old picture is a photograph, that according to the website, says the  5th Sunday in August 1920. Upon further research, August 1920 did indeed have 5 Sundays, the 5th one being the 29th. So this was taken on August 29th, 1920.

The Alamo Christian Church is located in the small town of Alamo, in Ripley Township, Montgomery County, Indiana.
As of the 2010 Census, the population of Alamo was listed as 66 people.,_Indiana

Both these pictures were taken from Madison Street looking northwest. The church is located on the corner of Madison Street and CR 825W.

I like the old cars in front of the church …

Alamo Christian Church small 5th-sund-aug-1920

The Alamo Christian Church, August 29th, 1920.


The Alamo Christian Church, in Alamo, IN, Sunday March 17th, 2013

If you compare the two pictures, you can see that there was a chimney or flue on the building, in 1920. There are two entrances showing in the now picture, the entrance has been added onto, and one of the side windows has been removed.

I located another similar postcard (below), also on the same website. This appears to maybe be a view of the back of the same church building, although considerably earlier than the 1920 picture.  Alamo church-of-christ small

Then and Now, Big 4 Arch, Crawfordsville, IN

The old picture for this Then and Now, is from a postcard, from about 1909.

These pictures were both taken of the railroad arch, over Jennison Street, on the west side of Crawfordsville, Indiana. Taken from the south side, of the arch, looking north.

I did not have a copy of the old picture with me, therefore the perspective is a little different.

Crawfordsville Big Four Arch bridge 1909

The Big Four Arch, Crawfordsville, In, C.1909

Big 4 Arch, Crawfordsville, IN

The Big Four Arch, Crawfordsville, In, January 19th, 2013.

Big 4 Arch, Crawfordsville, IN

Big 4 Arch, Crawfordsville, IN

The Stone Arch bridge over Big 4 Arch Road/Dry Branch Creek on Former Conrail Railroad/Peoria Eastern Railroad. The railroad arch spans Jennison Street, which, on the south and west side of the arch becomes Big 4 Arch road. It is situated north east of the Animal Welfare League, in Crawfordsville.

Bridge Hunter page

Big 4 Rail Road on Wikipedia

Home Hospital, Lafayette, IN, before demolition

The former Home Hospital in Lafayette, Indiana has been closed. The approximately 20 acre site has been sold to an, Indianapolis based, group of investors, Columbian Park Redevelopment LLC.

The hospital building is due for demolition starting in January of 2013. As I type this, they have started with internal demolition and Asbestos removal. Before the external demolition is started, they plan to erect an 8 foot high security fence around the property.

Before the fence is erected, or the building was demolished, I took the opportunity to get some pictures of it.

These are some of the pictures, taken on January 5th, 2013. I tried to get pictures from most angles around the site. There are 30 in total.

Home Hospital, Lafayette, IN - a set on Flickr

Home Hospital, Lafayette, IN - a set on Flickr

Home Hospital, Lafayette, IN - a set on Flickr

To see the rest of the 30 pictures taken at Home Hospital, Lafayette, IN ( a set on Flickr) CLICK HERE

Then and Now, downtown Morocco, IN

On Saturday November 24th, 2012 we went to look around my wife’s old home town of Morocco, and Kentland, both in Newton County, in Indiana. I got to take some nice pictures, and co-ordinates to Waymark some of the town’s features.

This was partly because we had to drop her brother off at his home in Fowler, and partly because of an old postcard I had seen on Flickr, showing downtown Morocco, covered in snow, from about 1908. I asked my wife if the stores shown were still there, she recognized the location, but was unsure of the look of the area nowadays. I figured it would make a good “then and now” waymark, if nothing else.

These pictures were taken at the junction of State and Clay streets in downtown Morocco, Indiana. Taken from the south west corner, looking north east.

Old postcard scan

Morocco, IN in 1908

Morocco, IN in 2012

The pictures taken November 2012, are uploaded to Flickr

in Kentland, IN

and Morocco, IN

Then and Now, Gymnasium, Wingate, IN

Because I had seen, an old postcard, on my county’s library website, showing the old Gymnasium in Wingate, Indiana. I figured it would make a good “then and now” waymark.

The old picture is from a postcard, that was mailed in 1928, from Wingate to Indianapolis, IN.

The description from the Library website:-

This barn was used by Wingate High School as a practice gymnasium for their state championship-winning basketball teams. The postcard was addressed to Mildred Burdon at Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana, and the stamp was canceled in Wingate on 1928-10-30. The note on the back of the postcard reads, “Wingate, Ind. – 1928-10-28 – Dear Mildred, Hope you will ? better. So you can return home soon. From John Greenburg.” Digitized copies of this and other postcards were provided by Jane Lyle, February 2011.

These pictures were both taken at the junction of Main Cross and High streets in downtown Wingate, Indiana. Taken from the north east corner, looking south, southeast

The Gymnasium in Wingate, IN C.1928

The Gymnasium in Wingate, IN,November 23rd 2012

The gymnasium is located next to the US Post Office in Wingate, or rather, as the gym was there first, the Post Office is located next to the Old Gymnasium. On the far left of both pictures, you can see the back, lean to porch of an old house, that is there.

As I write this, in November 2012, the old gymnasium is up for sale,