We’re Standing Tall

In 2006, the Vermillion County Community Foundation sponsored an art project involving 16 hand painted, 8 feet tall, fiberglass giraffes, on display at various locations in Vermillion County, Indiana.

To quote from an information booklet published at the time to publicize this event:-

Vermillion County, Indiana is home this summer to a unique art project – 16 eight foot tall giraffes decorate the landscape if Indiana’s longest county. Local sponsors and artists from this Western Indiana community have teamed up under the guidance of the Vermillion County Community Foundation to show their pride in being Indiana’s tallest county. The program is being so well received, the Lieutenant Governor’s Office of Tourism has even re-named State Highway 63 “Giraffe Parkway” in honor of the event.

The Foundation hopes visitors and residents alike will appreciate the giraffes which will be on display through October. Then, on November 5th they will each be auctioned off to the highest bidder to help the Foundation continue its work providing scholarships and grants to programs which showcase the county as a vibrant place to live.

The event is known as :- “Discover Surprises in Vermillion County – We’re Standing Tall”.

For further information and more pictures of these giraffes:- http://www.freewebs.com/colinsplace/giraffes/index.html

Then and Now, Big 4 Arch, Crawfordsville, IN

The old picture for this Then and Now, is from a postcard, from about 1909.

These pictures were both taken of the railroad arch, over Jennison Street, on the west side of Crawfordsville, Indiana. Taken from the south side, of the arch, looking north.

I did not have a copy of the old picture with me, therefore the perspective is a little different.

Crawfordsville Big Four Arch bridge 1909

The Big Four Arch, Crawfordsville, In, C.1909

Big 4 Arch, Crawfordsville, IN

The Big Four Arch, Crawfordsville, In, January 19th, 2013.

Big 4 Arch, Crawfordsville, IN

Big 4 Arch, Crawfordsville, IN

The Stone Arch bridge over Big 4 Arch Road/Dry Branch Creek on Former Conrail Railroad/Peoria Eastern Railroad. The railroad arch spans Jennison Street, which, on the south and west side of the arch becomes Big 4 Arch road. It is situated north east of the Animal Welfare League, in Crawfordsville.

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I’ve been doing some figuring …


I’ve been doing some figuring … So far, this year, I have added 3243 pictures to my Car Show and Parades sets on Flickr, Wow!

Check them out at http://cjp02.com

There are still a few shows to go this season, including Newport Hill Climb, this coming weekend.