The Railroad bridge over the Wabash, at Attica

Attica Heritage Days Festival

The first railroad bridge across the Wabash River at Attica was built when the Wabash and Western Railroad line was built through Attica, in 1858. According to an 1869 illustration of the layout of the town, the railroad crossed the river through a covered bridge. (Seen below in the lower center of the picture)


This was later replaced, with a Pratt Through Truss style, iron bridge, in 1880.


On the morning of April 6th, 1914, a freight train, crossing the bridge crashed, apparently weakening the bridge. When the east bound Wabash passenger train No. 4, known as the Continental Limited arrived, later that same day, they were held on the west side of the bridge. After Railroad Officials inspected the bridge, and after sending a switch engine across, it was deemed safe. The Continental Limited train crept out onto the bridge. As the train reached about one hundred feet out…

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Updates on the Car Shows visited this last weekend


This last weekend, September 29th and 30th, 2012, I got the chance to visit three car shows. Two were on Saturday. The third was on Sunday. They were all first time visits for us. The weather was great this weekend, and a nice time was had all around …

Most of the car shows and festivals, I visit are fairly local, to where we live, in Montgomery County, in Indiana. There was not much going on near here, so a trip further afield was planned. On Saturday, we went to Indianapolis, well on the west side, near the airport, anyways.


The first car show visited was the 6th Annual Indy on Wheels car show, at the Westlake Church of God, on Rockville Road, on Indianapolis’ west side. The pictures that I took there are up on Flickr.

Go check them out, this was quite a large show, with a friendly atmosphere. I am looking forward to visiting again next year …

Click on the link below, to see the pictures…


The second show, was on the way home. I had seen it listed, but did not realize it was so near, just a few miles west, of the first show, on US 36, near Avon.

I stopped, of course, when I saw it …

The show was held at a Senior Community, Hearth at Prestwick,  just off of US 36, near Avon.

The pictures that I took at this car show, on Saturday, are up on Flickr. Go check them out, this was a smaller show, but with a friendly atmosphere. I am looking forward to next year.

Click on the link below, to see the pictures…


On the way home from Avon, we stopped by some covered bridges, in Putnam county, Indiana, to get some pictures for another WordPress site I have

This is a quest to visit, cross and photograph, the over ninety covered bridge, still left in Indiana.

Check it out?


On Sunday, we visited the annual Festival of the Turning Leaves, in Thorntown.

This was on a couple of side streets, adjacent to the main festival site, on Main Street.

Maybe next year, I can get there earlier, in time to look around the main festival, as well as the car show.